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Sarita Peled, 48, Owner of architecture and interior design studio EchoDesign with partner Ron Peled.

Sarita creates sculptures out of steel – She believes rusted steel has great intensity, akin to a memory darkening over time while retaining its presence.

The attached images were largely created and displayed in her debut show, “The Pheonix” at the Florentine Quartet. Her work was inspired by Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.

“The Pheonix is a holy fire bird. It recycles its own life so that every ending is also a new beginning. It rises from the ashes smarter, stronger and more creative, with infinite opportunities for growth, flourishing and healing. Sarita Peled, like the Pheonix, creates out of fire, repeating, multiplying, enlarging and minimizing connections.”

It all started with Origami she created with her eldest son… In her special way, she turned the classical, delicate Japanese paper folds into powerful steel folds of her own. Sarita uses three distinct sculpting techniques using nothing but her hands - no computerized equipment or outside assistance. The long hours she spends on her work are integral to the creative process… The physical labor combined with fire, the Sisyphean process all the way up till the finished piece, is essential to her work.

Origami – The steel folding technique is similar to Origami – Creating a model (in some instances), marking the metal plates, cutting with Plasma, fluting the elements, folding using only the hands and body, welding with a CO welding power supply, filing, putting the sculpture out to naturally rust for 30 days or longer, filing again and spraying lacquer on the finished sculpture.

שריתה פלד.jpg

Rings – The series of rings is small but customizable. Sarita cuts the rings by hand – she uses a circular saw to cut metal poles in different diameters, connecting them into new images by welding, filing, rusting and lacquering.

Large objects – Environmental sculpting, constructing large objects weighing between 500-2000 kilograms.

The smaller objects are built with metal constructions wrapped in 3-5 mm metal plates, welding with a CO welding power supply, filing, putting the sculpture out to naturally rust for 30 days or longer, filing again and spraying lacquer on the finished sculpture.

Heavy objects – Custom cut and delivered straight from the steel factory, assembled at the workshop using the same techniques mentioned above, with small cranes and forklifts.


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Wall Art

Dimensions 360/280 cm

19,400 NIS


Wall Art

Dimensions 180/120 cm

11,300 NIS


Wall Art

Dimensions 100/100 cm

9,600 NIS


Wall Art

11 objects

Each objects dimension: 30/40 cm

Sold in larger or smaller quantity 

9,200 NIS


Wall Art

3 objects

Diameters: 110, 80 & 60cm

9,000 NIS


Wall Art

Dimensions: 160/160 cm

6,000 NIS


6 3D objects

Dimensions: Biggest- 60cm / smallest - 30cm

5,700 NIS

Journey - origami boat

Dimensions: 160/80 cm

Suitable for an open space

10,500 NIS


Dimensions: 160/160 cm

Suitable for an open space

15,200 NIS

Crane-origami bird

Dimensions: 200/180/120 cm

Suitable for an open space

13,600 NIS

I Never promise you a rose garden

20 objects

Each object dimensions: 20/35/120 cm

Indoor / Outdoor sculpture

Sold in larger or smaller quantity

Can be displayed in different ways

26,000 NIS / 1,500 NIS a piece 


3 environmental sculptures

Dimensions: smallest - 200cm / largest - 300cm
Each sculpture weighing approx 750 kg
Suitable for standing in an open area

75,000 NIS


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